Howdy Y'all!
We all saw Hotfreypie's amazing leg ink the other day and a few of you shared your body art.

I want MOAR! Share your ink, or the ink you want!
I'll get the ball rolling! I have two:

First one:

This is my most recent one. It's right after I got it, so it's still red. It is the constellation Cassiopeia. My best friend and I got matching ones because when we were kids we were dorks and we wrote a book together that was set in a world called- wait for it!- Cassiopeia. For me it was also a big deal because I hate my legs. LOATHE THEM. And this is a little bit of love and beauty I can look at every time I look down.

This is my first one:


My first one I got in Portland (Holla Pacific NorthWest!)
I got it also because of my best friend. But it's a good reminder for me to not get complacent in any place, to remember that you can experience a feeling of transcendence in a place you stand all the time.
Also because of this: