So I'm willing to guess a lot of us do stupid or embarrassing shit while we are drunk. Now that I'm a Grown-Up-AdultTM I tend to not drink very often and when I do it's in smaller quantities because I get hangovers super easy and I'm on meds that don't react well with drinking a ton. But tonight I decided I had earned a couple glasses of wine. Which has gotten me ridiculously buzzed. So I'm reliving some of my proudest moments while under alcohol's influence and I'm starting to realize why I generally stick to pot.

Since I don't want to be alone share with me the things you do when you drink that are a bit out of character! I'll go first

- I talk way too loud and too much. I'm an introvert and alcohol definitely brings me out of my shell. Sometimes not in a good way. Like the time I was asked by a friend about the big bird's penis and I told him all about it. Loudly. Proudly. Sorry big bird.

- Somewhat related. I always want to talk about sex. Like I have about 20 burning questions about dirty, dirty things right now. I am resisting the urge so you don't all judge me. At least until someone starts groopkink.

- I make every attempt to make people laugh all the time. Generally when I'm sober I miss once in a while but when I'm drunk? I'm probably closer to 50-50 funny/what the fuck.

ETA: I thought of another one. Lately I've been embarrassingly vocal about my new found love of anal when I drink too much. You wouldn't think that'd be a huge deal right? Apparently my circle of friends aren't into it because they give me looks like "girl you crazy!"


What do you do? And if you say "nothing, I'm an awesome drunk" I don't believe you. :P