I want to tell you about these inane things

I'm drinking a beer that is called "Raging Bitch" and it is a really high alcohol percentage for me so i'm not doing too good with sense making. I was going to get wine, i swear, instead i grabbed the weirdest most anti- v-day beer i could find. Suhhhiance is at work because we worked opposite shifts on this very romantic day.

There are these chex mix muddy buddies that are lemon meringue flavored. I could not find a picture of the bag ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET! I was starting to think that i imagined them. Anyways uh i just ate some and they are so disgusting. I bought them at our local Target on a whim because i love all things lemon. Please don't buy these, don't put your mouth and taste buds through the horror of flavor that this snack is. I took a picture because there is no other proof of them existing on the internet.

Bonus info: when i was trying to google image-search the lemon meringue chex mix i typed "lemon mereguin" which is... not even close to how that is spelled. Am i the only idiot that frequently has to google words so i can find the correct spelling of them?


Groupdrink what are you drinking and snacking on tonight??