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Damn youths! *shakes cane* Get off my lawn, tryna have a hangover here and your chatter under my window is a disturbance!

Also, my building is not that large but for eight flats and two small businesses there’s always a fucking car idling on the sidewalk or some youths blathering in flocks. And it’s kinda warm so my window is open.

so I’m finally keeping food down, yay. First I threw up the water. Then the tea in the shower (it had the same nice green colour coming up). After I wisened up a little and tried plain yogurt with a speciality of My People for some extra bland but gently filling nourishment.


then I was feeling better and tried to sleep but kept thinking about looking up last night’s hookup for future sexytimes purposes. I was too drunk for it to have been great sex but I saw lots of potential.

so, did anyone else get shitfaced last night? How are you feeling?

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