So I might be a bad tenant. I don't know. I think I'm an awesome tenant for helping my landlords turn awful into awesome. I have a patio off of my bathroom, because my place is weird, haha.
There is a little hobbit door you have to duck through to get to the patio. they seriously cut a hole in the outside wall, and stuck a half door in the hole. I think it was just a door they had laying around. And this was the colour:

So I have to paint this door. I already did the other side, and obviously started on this! But the weather got the better of my this winter and I gave up. Now today is so bright, and sunny, and gorgeous and I have to do it. But I just want to curl up and be warm and drink coffee.
Here is the other side of the door, which I did a few months ago.

This is my motivation!
Is anyone else working on house stuff? Show me your house stuff!