Well, I think I've mentioned before that my 8 year old has been talking about pursuing engineering for a couple of years. Her first grade math tutor was a student of mine who is now at MIT studying mech. Engineering and he somehow managed to get my kid to at least sort of like math, but his lasting influence is her wanting to be an engineer.
This weekend we went to the tech museum's Star Wars exhibit where they had a hands on mag-lev train creation station or something like that. I don't know what they called it. But my kid was there just trying everything in all three stations and successfully got everything to work. She was inspired and when they assigned a science fair project she immediately decided to create a maglev car that moves on a track. She is working with Legos and magnets and is down stairs researching magnetics and polarization ( she is 8 so it's all new stuff for her). I dunno. I'm feeling especially proud that I have a little engineer in the making and that she wants to take on this project :) (I never had anyone encouraging me but I swear if someone had I'd probably be an engineer myself, I love that shit but never developed the patience for math or physics. Sigh...)

I'd love to hear other parents ( kitty and pup parents tooooo) share a proud moment they are experiencing with their lil ones! HumbleBRAG away!!!