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Hidee-ho GTers. I know there are a bunch of super make-up savvy people kicking around here and I could use some expertise as I am definitely not one of those.

I gave up on make-up about a month and a half ago because it's just too damn hot for that shit. After a few weeks going completely bare I decided to give BB cream a try so that I have some coverage. Right now I'm just using the L'Oreal BB cream I found at CVS. I mostly like it but I'm sure there's likely something better for my needs out there. And I'm humbly (rudely?) asking you guys to do the work of finding one for me worth trying.

I have oily, light-medium olive skin (warm undertones). My major concerns are greasiness and pores. In fact, the greasiness is the biggest complaint I have with the L'Oreal. I feel like there must be something out there that cuts down on the shine better than what I have now.


Related: are setting powders worth it? I can understand the benefits of it but by the time we get to setting powders I feel like maybe I've put so much on my face already that I might as well go back to full make-up (which is pretty light for me anyway). I just don't want to do my face and then sweat it off .2 seconds after leaving the house.

Actually, also related, moisturizer under the BB Cream. I've still been applying moisturizer before the BB cream because I read that even where the creams say they're moisturizing, it isn't really enough. However I've been wondering if maybe I could get away with no moisturizer because my skin's so oily anyway. I'm going to give this a try, but has anyone else done so and how did it work for them?

Tl;dr after 27 years I can't find anything to completely get rid of all the perceived negatives of my genetics; have any of you?

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