We've really risen to the occasion when so challenged, Groupthink. (Or maybe we are a Groupdump? ALL ALONG?! WHO KNEW?! ) We've shared decorating tips and squatting strategies, and out-grossed each other in an effort to make GT the squalid den of refuse it has been so insistently proclaimed.

But we are not simply content to compare household pestilence populations (measurable in fleas per capita or rats per garret), or to caper in the delightful one-upmanship of sharing rare finds in dark corners. Nor do we settle for boasting how we best combine sloth, filth, and excess (I duct tape my bag of wine to my hat, run a tube of aquarium line to my mouth, and let gravity and moral righteousness do all the work).

No, we change our face and our names. Should our face be ripped away in a makeover edition, its image may still dwell here, quietly. And because names only last so long as they are active, I'd like to use this space to record ours.

So, glob some snot on your index finger and smear that finger through the dirt encrusting your armpit or your navel. Use this classy, natural ink to deface the comments with your illiterate, armchair psych-spoutin', internet stranger-swindlin', mentally unsound, squalor-dwellin' GT name. (and link your squalor post in the comments, too!)