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Groupthink 2016 Challenge

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What does everyone think about having 2016 be the GroupThink year of challenges? Each month we can start a new one, that way people who wouldn’t necessarily want to participate in a physical fitness challenge would get to be in the meditation challenge, or the closet clean-up challenge, or budgeting challenge. I feel like I start every year off great, with a plan to make a million much-needed life changes and then by mid February everything has fallen apart. This way, we can collect (hopefully) 12 different challenges for the year, and keep each other accountable for the 30 days of each. I know that some of us are going to participate in the Yoga with Adriene January Bootcamp, that can be the first one. My family and I are going to do the “30-Day No Restaurant” challenge for January as well, that can be an option for another month.


Does anyone else feel like they need a boost every month of the year, not just January? Do you have any ideas or suggestions for challenges?

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