BLARG, today I am truly so unmotivated. I'm not even dressed yet. The shame.

Last week I didn't bite my nails, but they are splitting and I've been too lazy to give them a manicure. Maybe tomorrow. I went to the gym for one epic session, then my skin started getting grotty (THANKS HORMONES) so didn't go again. Today I have mainly been eating cheese. I haven't done the shopping. Oh dear.

So not a great start from yours truly, but let's see this as a bump in the road. Last week I DID do *shit loads* of french on duo lingo, a bit of spanish, and had fun on another site doing some Japanese. So there is that. I've started insisting to Mr Kay Kay that my french is getting better. So far his reaction has been like:


We went to see the Hunger Games yesterday in what I thought was going to be the french dubb, but turned out it was the original version with subs. OH WELL!!

Later I am seeing a friend for dinner, but don't really feel like it. It means bathing, putting on make up to cover aforementioned grotty skin, drying my hair, and trekking to other side of the city. But I will go as she is lovely.


So all in all, I hope that you guys have had a better week than I have! How have your things been going?

Been cracking on with your language of choice? Made it to the gym a bit more often than me? Had that awkward conversation with your partner that you've been putting off?


Let's hear it.