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Hi GTers,

Most of you have likely heard by now that we’ve been uncoupled from Jezebel (we’re “groupthink.kinja.com” now instead of “groupthink.jezebel”). This doesn’t mean anything dramatic, just that we’re more on our own, hopefully with the space and energy to make this into an even greater blog together. That said, your Mods have been talking seriously about a couple of changes and/or tweaks we’d like to make here, still in that vein of improving this space.


1) Invite Threads are now going to be seasonal. Following this post shortly, for instance, is the Summer Invite Thread. More on that in a sec, I promise. Plan on applying for authorship Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring. This way you’ll always know one is coming up and it won’t be as loosey-goosey as trying to guess when the benevolent Sorcia is going to have the time to slap one up here on the mainpage. Note: We’re going to be really looking at your histories prior to authoring. This means you MUST have a solid history here on GT – being a great commenter on other great Kinja blogs doesn’t count. We want to be sure you’ve got an understanding of the culture here and will be willing to hang out and help us continue to make GT a great spot to hang out. Quality is more important than quantity, as a general rule.

2) We’re amending the Mod Rules (check the #mod talk tag for the full list of rules) to include the following:

a) GT related Twitter Drama is officially banned from GT. You bring Twitter fights to this space, in the comments or in a post, and you’re facing a ban. We do not Moderate Twitter. As mods, we have seen that more chaos than good comes out of bringing fights from Twitter to GT and vice versa. We have neither the energy nor the manpower to get involved in on-Twitter fights, even if those arguments erupt out of a clash on this space.

b) Posts made linking to GT related Twitter drama may be summarily pulled by the mods without warning. We exercise this decision at our discretion.


c) We’ll be keeping a closer eye on excessive cross-posting. You’re more than welcome to share posts from your Kinja blog or good content from other sub-blogs, but try not to abuse this privilege. We want to encourage our own excellent content, and a mainpage full of shares isn’t really conducive to this.

d) Your Mods are as follows:

Sorcia (head mod/owner of GT) – sorciamacnasty@gmail.com

SlayBelle – commenters@jezebel.com

Celia — alrdygrownup@gmail.com

JoanBeam – joanbeamsquared@gmail.com

LaComtesse — lacomtessejamie@gmail.com

Zap Rowsdower – iateapizza@gmail.com

FictionalWoman – literarycatstakenoshit@gmail.com

Beyond our individual emails, you can reach us collectively at groupthinkmods@gmail.com. We encourage you to come to us with comments, suggestions, issues and ideas!


We’re also going to try to be more proactive in creating regular columns. If you have an idea for a great regular feature, let us know! If we have you on the radar, we will know when you usually post and can “embiggen” the post (when a Mod stars your work, your headline gets all huge).

e) Invite Thread: The gracious Slay is going to post the Summer Invite Thread shortly following this post, and she’ll provide more specific instructions on how to apply therein.


Also – if you’re already an approved author, please consider “Following” any good/favorite commenters to get them out of the gray. We want people to feel engaged and accepted here, even if they can’t be authored quite yet.

Thanks for reading, GT. As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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