I got a parking ticket in November that I completely forgot about until today when they sent a courtesy notice to the house.

My mom tells me that I should have paid the ticket right away. I say ok, I know I forgot this time.

She says I should have brought it to her immediately and had her pay it because if that notice hadn't come and we hadn't paid that parking ticket, there would be a warrant out for her arrest and she'd be calling me from jail right now.


I said that this was an overreaction (shouldn't have said that, I know) and that since the notice came, it was paid and there is no need to get upset or freak out about it since it's now paid for. I told her I would give her the money back for it and I thanked her for paying it. I told her that this should be the end of it.

She gets mad and says that I'm not taking this seriously and that she could have been arrested for this. ETA: After that she said that I was reacting the wrong way and should be upset about this.


I feel like I'm completely crazy here. I know my mom overreacts to things but sometimes I can't tell if she's right or wrong about it. I can be kinda socially awkward and flippant about things that other people seem to think are a HUGE deal.

Maybe I just needed to write this down. I don't know if I'm being too flippant with this or if she's overreacting or if it's a bit of both. I do know that I want to move the fuck out and get that car put in my name so I can be 'casual' about my parking tickets without her ripping my head off about how she'll get hauled off to jail if we pay two days late.