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GroupThink and the X-box: In Which I Stir the Pot UPDATED: JESUS, BURT!

How do you guys feel about being "Jezebel's Comment-Driven Sister Site"?
[Burt has indicated - quite charitably - that it may have been to preserve our space from unwelcome visitors. It's a nice thought! Perhaps. But I am cynical.]

I am unclear whether Jessica Coen shared this or wrote it originally on Kotaku, but find it frustrating that they can't even credit their own sister-site by name.

Why is this on Kotaku rather than Jezebel? I don't visit Kotaku often, but have gleaned from your commentary that they care more about the X-box than the ladies. Doesn't this impact ladies? I have also gleaned from commentary that there are a lot of Jez and GroupThink ladies who use X-box.

Additionally, if this is the official Jezebel take on things: Where is Burt's credit? Where is Eldritch's name? I get that we can be mainpaged willy-nilly without recognition, but I have to think a large part of the reaction from X-Box Corporate stemmed from the Twitter rally introduced to this space by one of our own.


Since Burt gets mainpaged (basically) on the daily, it's not like the authors and editors don't know the name. C'mon, people. Let's share a little credit where credit is due, eh?

Disclaimer: I do not X-box, nor do I wish to X-box.
Additional Disclaimer: I have mixed feelings about main-paging, but ultimately have decided that it's part of sharing information here on GroupThink, or anywhere.
Additional Additional Disclaimer: I am still struggling to form a coherent opinion on GroupThink authors who are mainpaged on a weekly basis without being compensated for their contributions. I don't want to talk about that here and if you do, you will be summarily dismissed.

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