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GroupThink Art and Craft Roundup: DOUBLE ISSUE part 1

This week's issue is PACKED full of great work so lets get right to it!

Napsauce hit us hard with a BLOCK! Around 80 hours she says it took her. But for all ye who wish to enter into the gates of making lace, she says she sucked at it until she started making it. That's an impressive learning curve!


Jennyapples took the knitting vibe in the air and showed us her work. Looks great from here in the car and apparently:

This particular yarn is laceweight baby alpaca / cashmere / silk blend and it feels like clooooooouds

Werewolf Is Waiting pimped her Halloween wares with some spoooky spider earrings and necklace ready to catch you in its web.

Jewelry on, next up is the make-up. Pope "Innocent IV" Alexander introduces us into the wide world of LIPSTICK ALCHEMY!!! For $5 or so, you can create your own color or trial/error it until you find a perfect match. She gives tips about nuances that happen with certain styles (18-hour lipsticks, etc.). If you've got a question about Halloween make-up, this may provide you with a longer lasting solution than any of that cheap stuff.


BloodyJenna got off her ass (well, it's easier to type while sitting down so I guess she got ON her ass) and made a blog. She details the beginnings of her blog-child here with the yummy idea of homemade spinach bagels! Currently there's a post up about making solid lotion bars! I used to buy these in Montana but the idea of making my own sounds fantastic!


While we're on the topic of flowers (we weren't but we are NOW!) we've got the progression of Iron Mummy (Domestic Dork) in her Floral Design classes. She's a corsage MAVEN apparently so I'm thinking a GroupThink Prom is in order.


From IRL to on the page and screen, Katana Leigh produced some great drawings AND a how-to for gorgeous hibiscuses. It's a part of her 31 Days of Art Project which you can find on her website along with more of her work.


This concludes the first part of the DOUBLE ISSUE of the GroupThink Art and Craft Roundup. The second part will be posted this weekend and cover the past week or so and whatever work was in the comment section from last time.


Check out the original posts from these brave and talented people. Ask questions, make your own work, and share your own creativity!

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