The first weekly Creativity Round-up is here! Here I'll be featuring posts that have involved GTers creative spirit. I'm improvising with working in submissions from the previous week's comment section so we'll see what happens with that.

A great technique was illustrated by RemediosVaro in a post combining our loves of craft and fashion and DIY!

It's an acetone transfer as she describes in the comments:

Basically, you print out an image or text with a laser printer (laser works better, apparently), and make sure the item is in reverse/mirrored. Then you put the design printed side down on whatever you're transferring it to. Then you take pure acetone — I used a paintbrush to apply it — and spread it on the blank side of the paper. After that you rub it with something heavy — I used a heavy metal spoon — to get as much of the ink on the fabric as possible. And then you just take the paper away.


I could see some awesome work done on sneakers or a solid color knee-length skirt!

Shiny Red Robot is "both touched and terrified" by the epic collaborative art project her preschoolers left for her. And WE all loved annotating the precious ange— monst— angel monsters. Remember when we were so open with our creativity as kids? How do we get that back?


FlarfenFoofenoogan showed us what happens when you open your interests and abilities to the world: People come running!

“I'm offering a teen art class to the community, starting in a few weeks. I had NO IDEA if this would be something anyone would be excited about, what the response would be, etc.”


Good on you for taking the initiative and getting involved in inspiring the creative instincts of the next generation. If you need help with supplies, look at a Kickstarter or an Amazon Wish List.

Quashitlikeitshot shared some of the great work of a fellow GTer, our very own Hedgehog! Check out her great Etsy store full of simple and elegant watercolors. Looks like a relative of my dog Cooper posed for a portrait!


When it comes to art & creativity, we have no boundaries so here comes Kat B. as she takes her six-year-running college radio show TO THE PEOPLE with Sludgefeast on Los Angeles' renegade art-punk radio station, KCHUNG.

If you like noisy guitar music, garage rock, punk, chicks with guitars and angry ~*~feelings~*~, sludge and whatnot, tune in! It'll be a rad time, promise.


The next show is October 27th (it's an internet stream as well as an AM station soooo GT listening party anybody?) but in the meantime you can check out the previous show by following a link on Sludgefeast's Facebook page.

Our friend BerkRie

and Mr. BerkRie are in the midst of TINY HOUSE!!! And she needs your design opinions/feedback/suggestions! If you're confused on the trend of tiny houses, just look at this Google Image Search to realize the possibilities and charm. Perhaps get your own inspiration for a tiny nook in your apartment/home.


It took me a trip to Michael's, a nearly $20 purchase of embroidery thread and (mostly) a helpful comment to remember that greenheart is making her way through a cross stitch project! And she's going COMMANDO!!!! Well, she's not using a pattern which is close enough when it comes to cross stitching. Check out her project and you'll see we've got a bird theme running through a lot of our heads!


Finally, here are some of the submissions from the comment section of this feature's announcement post.

TheWoodsAreLovelyDarkandDeep has some nice charcoal work here in the comment section because I don't know how to repost images from there without using Grab.


Wenchette posted her favorite digital piece ...

which you'll have to click over to see the full version.


Check out the comment section over there to see FreeSampleThief's charcoal and gifting work as well as more information about the work submitted there.

Suggestions, submissions, discussion and whatnot AWAY!!!!