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Groupthink Celebrity Dreams #2636627

I was inspired by La Piquante's post about weird dreams. Here's my silly dream!

So last night I dreamt that Ryan Reynolds came over to my parents house to watch football. According to my dream he lived in the town over. I was awkwardly flirting with him and being generally strange and god bless dream Ryan Reynolds for tolerating me. Then I realized my dirty laundry was all over the living room, and I hurriedly picked it all up.


Later, my parents and I went to a dance recital/theater production thing? that had Jeremy Piven in it, though my brain renamed him Jeremy Renner. It can't get its celebrity Jeremys right apparently. But anyway, the dance recital/production was terrible. Like seriously awful. And Jeremy Piven had a mid life crisis about it, so my parents were comforting him and giving him career advice. He later wrote me a note thanking us for helping him and something else about playing Skyrim.

And that was my dream. Please tell me yours!

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