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Groupthink Debate Time: Scariest Sci-Fi Baddies!

So I've been mainlining Doctor Who the past few days like an unrepentant addict, and now that I'm halfway through the second series (the first 10th Doctor season), I've been reminded why I used to be terrified of this programme when I was a kid.

Cybermen. Oh god, not Cybermen.


Look into those soulless eye-holes! The marching, the general unstoppability - it's all fucking terrifying! The only thing more terrifying to me in all of sci-fi are these sons-a-bitches:

"EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE" - Daleks are the nightmare-fuel of my childhood. Even though they look like oversized pepper grinders, they still scare the crap out of me - like, hide-behind-the-sofa terrifying.

Obviously there's a bit of a Who bias here, but I'm interested in hearing what you all think the scariest Sci-Fi baddies are!

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