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It's been awhile since we posted anything about the Emergency Fund, but we haven't forgotten! The news has just been delayed since I've been out of the country.

In late November, we donated $250 to a member who would like to remain anonymous to help with emergency rent needs. That means we helped 3 separate members in November!

This month, we chose velo_vixen as our recipient. Her financial aid left her hanging and she was not going to be able to register for classes for next term. We sent her $150 to help her get her school account paid off.


We may choose another recipient for the end of this month, as we raised over $500 this month! Napsauce also put together a cookbook in order to raise money for the fund!

Also, I'd like to remind you all of the GroupThink Emergency Fund website, courtesy of our own lovely croguesberg, who has been a tremendous help with this project. Thank you all so much for your support and kindness! This project has passed my wildest dreams.

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