I just want to recommend Gone Home to all of you gamers and non-gamers out there. My husband and I listen to a lot of video game podcasts so I have heard quite a bit about this game as people started to put out their yearly top ten lists.

I don't want to give away too much, but I will just say that this game is right up Groupthink's alley. It's kind of unbelievable that a game like this exists in today's world, but it's very exciting to see material like this out to the masses and being highly rated.

Basically it's a first person investigation game. It's 1995 and you are 20-year-old Kaitlin Greenbriar and you have just arrived home from a semester in Europe. You find the house empty, and your teenage sister Sam has left an ominous note on the front door. Investigate.

As you search the house for clues, the story begins to unfold, and I will just say, it's not what you expect.



It only took about 3 hours to play the whole game. I believe it's available on Steam. GO PLAY and come back and discuss.