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Groupthink! Help me win an argument about words!

Mrdaysaweek and I are arguing about the principle definition of "bonk." Please choose the sentence that best encompasses how you would use the term (and feel free to submit your own):

1. Ennui bonked writing her 20-page research paper on the Marxist-feminist dialectic in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and subsequently decided to hate-watch Say Yes to the Dress.

2. Renegade bonked in the fifteenth minute of his half marathon because he'd binged the night before on boxed Pinot Grigio and powdered donuts from the 7-11.


3. After an evening playing steampunk charades and listening to Doris Day albums on a turn-of-the-century gramophone, Daphnis and Chloe totally bonked. Everyone had seen it coming except Temperance, who clung desperately to her far-fetched yearning for Daphnis's rock-hard thighs and meaty hands.

4. Humphreys's toddlers, Pittance and Desiree, bonked heads playing Transformers behind the vintage chaise lounge, but he was too absorbed in his extra-dry martini and the latest sordid plot on his telenovela to pay much attention.

I am counting on you, GT!


ETA: Y'all are killing me, Smalls! This is exposing all my weird regionalisms! And yet, I find this totally fascinating.

ETA 2: What the crap is "borked"? I have never heard of such a thing!

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