Like really fucking high. What's up you guise? Who is out there in GT land? What are you up to today? I'm going to fire up some episodes of Bones and get funky with this can of chicken and rice soup, which represents the most hearty meal I'm going to be able to eat over the next few days. Whoopee.

Hey, look at Burt's signature here. That's a signature of a man who means it when he signs his name in Sharpie to an old black and white. What a fine, fine actor and human being he is. Look how the curvature of his mustache aligns with the reverse curvature of his eyebrows. See it? Yeah. That's acting, my friends. That's character development. He brought it. Wherever he went, Burt brought it.

BTW teeth fucking suck. Teeth can go fuck themselves, six ways to Sunday. Always breakin' and getting cavities and shit. Losers.

BTW TheMeaganShow just posted this gif. It's so fucking wonderful. My new favorite hug gif.