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Groupthink I need your collective intelligence

My air conditioner crapped out Sunday night. The fan part doesn’t even work. Yesterday was cool, so this morning my downstairs was only at 76 degrees. Quite nice! I had to close up the downstairs window when I left for work, so all I had were the two upstairs windows open all day. They face north and south, we had no breeze all day, it was humid as balls, and the high was in the mid 90s.

So now it’s technically like 86 outside, but still humid as balls and feels like the low 90s. Still no breeze.


I haven’t opened the downstairs window and back door (also on north and south walls, respectively) since it’s 84 in here. With a fan on me it’s not atrocious, and definitely cooler feeling than outside.

I’m going to go to bed soon. It’s supposed to cool off to about 80 in 3 hours, with thunderstorms developing early morning and temps dropping to the high 70s.


Do I open the downstairs window in the living room? I don’t feel safe with the back door open while I sleep in the living room since the screen door part doesn’t have a lock. Will opening up the front window just bring in warmer air from outside? I feel like maybe around 2 am when the storms come in it might be cooler, but what about until then?


(technician is coming tomorrow to hopefully fix it)

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