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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Groupthink, I totally need your help! (Boots edition)

I started anew job which necessitated that I work 10 hours on Black Friday. I wore my "good shoes" (danskos) for the shift, thinking they would prevent foot ache, but when I woke up yesterday my feet hurt so bad I could barely walk. I think because the danskos are slightly too big, they slid around for so long that they created foot-chafe? That's what it felt like- the foot muscles didn't hurt, but the skin did. It was like a burning/stabbing feeling.

Anyway, I'd like to avoid foot pain like this if it's possible, do I need a new pair of shoes. Specifically, boots. I like the look of black riding boots with a decorative buckle, but have no idea what brand is THE MOST COMFORTABLE EVER, which is what I need. Think walking on gently supportive foam pillows. I have a budget of about $100. Suggestions?


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