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Groupthink Invite Thread

This invite thread is closed. Do not request posting access here.

This is the current Groupthink Invite Thread. Please read the entire post before requesting authorship privileges.

Groupthink is a place for Jezzies to hang out and talk in their own open forum, same as always. I know that there has been a lot of discussion about the purpose of GT in light of Kinja changes and the mainpaging of GT articles. Let me be clear: we cannot 'stop' the Gawker network from crossposting posts that appear here. There is no way for us to opt out of that. Part of what you agreed to by signing up for a Kinja account is the crossposting option.


However, we are not a content farm for the mainpage. Groupthink is an open community. Its tone and purpose, such as it is, is directed by you, the readers, commenters, and authors. We have room here for fluffy posts about kitten names, academic essays, personal essays, and gif parties and everything in between. It is what you make of it. And you get out of it what you put into it.

I must repeat: this is open community, find-able and readable by anyone on the internet. This is not a safe space community.

We have certain rules about posting and expected behavior on the forum. You can read the guidelines here, in the Guide to Commenting on Groupthink. Read them before you request authorship access.


There are two levels of posters on GT, like on any Gawker site: commenters and authors. Commenters can respond to any post on GT, they just can't begin their own. Authors can post articles to GT and share comments and other posts to the forum.

The best way to get authorship is to post constructively and create a positive rapport with the community (the longer the better so we can get to know you). If you haven't been invited yet, it doesn't mean you haven't done those things. In fact, please try again! The more of a commenting history you build, the better the mods/admins who select authors (we're a whole team) can get to know you. As gentle and friendly reminder to everyone who reads this thread, GT author or not, the moderators generally frown on people acting like assholes to each other on Groupthink and we will take that into consideration when granting or removing authorship privileges. Yes, you can lose your right to post to GT. In egregious cases, you can be banned.


If you have no commenting history at all, we will not approve you for authorship privileges. If you have no commenting history on GT specifically, we may not give you authorship privileges. We want to give authorship to people who participate in the community, not to people who will only participate in the community if they're authors.

If you haven't gotten authorship rights on previous invite threads, please feel free to request again in this one.


In general, I will not respond in thread to requests to let you know whether or not you're accepted. Please do not ask. This is both because the process is time consuming for all of us admins and because the potential for drama and bad feelings is awfully high. This round of invites will last for a few days, so you can always try later on to see if you can post (you'll have the option for post to Groupthink when you click your name or when you compose a post if you're in). So play around! Because this process is indefinite, you'll have indefinite chances. Try not to sweat it too much! As always, even if you can't author new posts, you can respond to any post made in GT, and we try to have regular open threads for everyone to participate in.

If you would like posting access to Groupthink, please respond to this thread. You must include these two things:

1) A link to your kinja blog so we can verify your user name (which can be different than your posting name) and your commenting history.


2) Answer this question: What are the names of my three orphaned kittens? Answers can be found in the Commenting Guide.

3) You may only request posting access for yourself. This is an opt in process. If you know of someone who deserves authorship access, direct them to this thread.


4) 'Recommend' (click the star) on this post so that it shows up in the Groupthink sidebar.

NOTE: Do not email commenters@jezebel.com (me, Slay Belle) to request posting access to GT. The proper procedure is to respond to one of these invite threads. I'm there to handle all sorts of other problems, concerns, or comments you may have, but the GT team is larger than just me, and they want to help you out too. I will not respond to emails requesting posting access.

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