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Groupthink IRC Ground Rules

Due to some recent unpleasantness (which shall remain undiscussed, and I'll dismiss any comments about it), I think it is time to lay some clear ground rules about GTIRC:

1) Groupthink Internet Relay Chat (GTIRC, #groupthink) is owned by me. I consider CassiebearRAWR a co-founder, although she hasn't been given this status officially on the server, but it is hers if she wants it.

2) Usual ops are Tara, Pyrax, and AshRonin because they're nearly always there and have shown themselves to express the type of discourse style which is heavily valued. HalfEclipse will be an additional op when numbers call for it (as they probably did this weekend).


3) GTIRC is not officially connected to the Groupthink Kinja Blog which is owned and administered by Slay Belle. Do not take IRC issues to her, do not bring blog issues to me. We cannot do anything outside of our respective spheres.

4) GTIRC's rules are essentially a carbon copy of the GT rules: don't be a jerk, don't shit-stir, don't dox.

5) Don't bring in drama, don't talk about other commenters or other kinja subpage communities behind their metaphorical backs. There is some judgement call aspect to this, as talking about doesn't necessarily have to be negative and doesn't necessarily have to be "behind one's back," and that means the administration team, myself and the other ops, will decide on a case by case basis.

6) Three strikes rule: First warning, second warning, third warning/ban. I don't kick except to stop flooding. It doesn't really have any power behind it because of auto-rejoin.


7) Appeals process: most decisions will be made by individual ops, but if an appeal is requested, a five operator panel will look at the logs in question and vote. Simple majority is needed, so 3/5. If Cassie is not around, HalfEclipse will vote. The time limit to look at the logs will be 48 hours, in order to accommodate different lifestyles and time zones. This may be extended if one of the operators is on vacation or otherwise indisposed. I (Kyosuke) do have veto power, but I can't imagine a situation it would ever need to be used, but the fact I have full control of the channel gives me de facto veto power anyhow, so might as well formally acknowledge it.

8) CIVILITY ABOVE ALL. Show a habit of incivility which doesn't quite ever cross the line, and I will ask you to leave. You can express anger and frustration without being impolite or directing your anger and frustration at someone. On IRC, we cannot dismiss, so even more than the GT kinja blog, we have a responsibility to self-police our tones, our phrasing, etc. Discourse is not combat, and I will not allow disagreement to turn to hostility. Be nice about what you say, even if what you say itself is critical.


Any questions?

To get onto IRC, read this. You can also point your IRC client to irc.sorcery.net and type /join #groupthink


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