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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Groupthink, I've got a problem...

Well, yes, more than just one. But I’ve got one that I need to ask advice on. After all, I’ve been there in the past to offer incredibly unhelpful advice to all of you. Well, probably not all of you. Most of you have probably never seen me post here. It seems to be a bit of a changing roster here.

Anyways, so I’ve got a problem. It’s not a real problem. It’s definitely a first world problem. But it’s a problem that sucks. And it hurts me, deep in my soul. And the thing is, I really can’t tell anyone about the problem. Not even the boyfriend. So while I can’t unburden this problem onto you all, even relatively anonymously, it does feel good just to have somewhere that I can say “I’m hurting”. So thanks GroupThink.


But now, the advice. This problem is making me feel lousy. And when I feel lousy I have only one solution. So....beer and whisky or vodka and fresh squeezed orange-grapefruit juice. I’m going down a dark track tonight Groupthink, what colour should the cars be?

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