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Updating: Groupthink Mailing List/Gift Exchange?

Shortly after posting about my groupthink package I received in the mail this week from our lovely Medusa Asudem, a few of you started expressing interest (jealousy!), and wanted to start some sort of gift swap/secret Santa/mailing list for all of us here!

Fluterdale and I were looking for some input on this idea of a gift swap! Is this something you guys & gals would be interested in doing? Any ideas on how we could go about setting this up? Any input on rules or criteria for items exchanged? I mean that in the sense of setting a possible price limit or things of that sort. Or should it be left up to the 2 people participating in the exchange? Should items be a surprise, or do we want to make requests (nail supplies, clothing, whatever)?


Obviously, address information is going to have to be exchanged with your swap partner in order to participate in this (unless you use a PO Box). So please consider if you are comfortable with revealing that information first.

Edit: There have been a couple suggestions about address information. 1) Someone is in charge of lettin keeping a master list of addresses for those participating 2) Exchange email addresses with your swap partner and determine how to ship the items privately between the two of you. Which do you all prefer?

Edit #2: What do you think of having an email set up where everyone interested would submit their mailing address and a wish list of general items/ideas they would like to receive. Then, say once a month?, everyone who joined up would receive an email with the name of their swap partner, mailing information, and wish list. We can set up deadlines for all this stuff, like date emails are sent, a shopping/communication period incase of questions, and a shipping deadline.

Should we maybe also include preferences in with the wish list? Like if clothing is or is not okay (sizing can be tough), second hand clothes ok, any allergies (who know what you guys will end up sending!), nail stuff, craft/knitting stuff, books, or anything your wonderful minds can come up with!


I'm still unsure how to approach price point. But what I've been thinking is maybe in the sign up email each person could include a price point they are comfortable/able to spend? If you want to change it you could always email again to update your preferences. Or, it could just totally be left alone - if you want to decide on a price with a swap partner, you can discuss it privately with them.

Any input on how we could go about this would be appreciated!

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