Groupthink Mix Tape Challenge Reminder -- Plus Bonus Link!

If you haven't posted your mix yet, you have the rest of the day to get it done.

I've started an open "Groupthink Mix Tape Playlist" here in Spotify and added any Spotify playlists that included a direct link (non embeded). If you'd like to add your choices to the big playlist you can do it here: The Great Groupthink Playlist, No. 1 . It's an open, collaborative playlist.

Groupthink Mix Tape Challenge - Post Your Playlists

Earlier this week, I issued the first GT Mixtape Challenge — give me between 16-20 songs, no more than 90 minutes in length, to explain yourself to the GT community. You had all week to put your lists together. Here's where you share them.

In the comment section, give us your playlists, in whatever form you have them, and for you overachievers out there, share your artwork and liner notes too.

Edit, a note: If you're using YouTube, try to post a link and not an embedded video. I've gotten some comments that the embeds are slowing things down.