In the spirit of the GT Interviews and the 'getting to know you' posts, this is our first Groupthink mixed tape challenge.

You โ€” that's all of you โ€” have one week to put together the perfect playlist of between 16 to 20 songs that tell us, the listeners, something about you, fellow GT'er. It could be a mix of songs that have been very important in your life, your favorite artists, or music you're always trying to get other people to listen to. Hell, if you perform, it could be your music.

Next weekend, I'll post the mixed tape thread. In the comments, you pass on your playlist.

"Bonus*" points will be awarded to people who:

* Keep their playlist to the length of one 90 minute tape, like us oldsters used to do.


* Curate their playlist somewhere we can listen to it โ€” Spotify,, YouTube, etc.

* Inclusion of artwork and liner notes.

See you next week!

*Bonuses points will be awarded in the form of my thinking favorable thoughts about you and not exchangeable for any goods and/or services.