I am having a ragestroke watching a conversation on my feed that is in response to Violet's excellent article in response to the dude I know think of as Mr. Princeton Privilege. The streamlined version of the conversation is that A) a couple Very Privileged people are talking, and B) a white, hetero male is saying, point blank, that "Because I was born white and male (and all those other things you can't see that make me privileged as all hell) does not a privileged class make."

He's trying to make it 'more than that' โ€” barf โ€” but not doing a very good job. I'm trying to decide if I even want to enter the conversation (it's being highlighted in my feed but I'm not personally in it yet) since I do not know this person at all, and I only know the woman who posted the article in the first place. It is KILLING me that she's come around to only saying she's "unsure" about his opinions.

I'm pretty sure if I do get into this I'm just going to hit a wall of crazy. Purple is the offender who's saying stuff like, "In other words, the privileged don't receive any "extra" nurturing. I didn't get pulled aside and taught privilege in a special, secret class." Red is the woman who originally posted the article, and gray is some other person who made a comment further up in the conversation.


For what it's worth, I'm not just sharing this as a vent post (though it is definitely that too). I'm sharing this because it is a great example of the inane asshattery of the same kinds of privilege that brought us Mr. Princeton Privilege in the first place.

I grew up surrounded by arguments like this โ€” about class, women, and privilege in general. And the people making those arguments can be eloquent... They're like this guy, who gives me a ragestroke but makes a very intelligent (if very privileged herself) acquaintance of mine say she's "unsure."


It's pervasive.