GT parents. Halp! The peep has recently perfected the art of rolling over at 5 months and she wants to do it ALLOFTHETIME. Which is totally fun and cool except we’ve noticed (including the daycare) that she spits up quite a bit. We can’t leave her alone after she eats because she will inevitably end up on her tummy and spit up. Yesterday night she spit up orange colored milk 2 hours (!) after she had her last bottle and 5 hours since she ate carrots. She isn’t upset. She doesn’t seem like she’s starving when we feed her. We weighed her last night and she’s gained over a pound since her 4 month check up. She gets 5- 6 oz. bottles throughout the day and 2 meals of gerber 2nd foods (1 container total). She is formula fed and we noticed an uptick in her spitting up when we switched over from breastmilk but that was months ago. Anyone have any tips on what we can do to keep her from spitting up. Or are we worrying for nothing? If we get her to burp a big one, that decreases the amount of spit up but she still will if she gets on her tummy. I know we should keep her off her stomach for at least a half hour after eating but the 2 hours later and still spitting up concerned me a bit. Impart your wisdom to me o wise GT parents.