We had some crazy troll shit and our mod(s?) came through like the amazing mods they are. THANK YOU. I realize this is probably a rude post or a call out. Maybe I’ll get banned. I really am annoyed though and what’s the point of sitting by nicely and doing nothing. I feel myself drifting away and I love this place. Maybe there is nothing wrong with GT, maybe it’s run it’s course or maybe I’ve run my course here through no fault of anyone. I don’t know.

That being said, we have dwindling participation and low mod visibility.

Why can’t we have more mods? Many would step up to the challenge. Why?

If socria really doesn’t have the time to add new mods, why can’t she transfer ownership of this group to someone else. Is she totally MIA? Is she ok? Holding GT hostage? Just give it someone else. What am I missing?

Why can’t we have a modtalk? I bet there are people who didn’t know how to reach the mods. People are arguing about posting frequency. We had a crazy troll. It’s low level bickering and typical troll shit, but we need a cohesive idea of GT standards. Without that, these problems will get worse.*

Why can’t we have quarterly authorship posts?*

WHY? Really...WHY?

*I get that these two answers are probably because Celia is a perfect and great mod, but only one person and this can’t be a one woman show.