Hi again! I posted a survey for Groupthinkers last night and I'm posting about it again, just in case you were out having fun or in sleeping at 8pm Pacific last night, depending on your partying style/work schedule/kid situation/age/mental health/location in the world. (I was playing on Groupthink, 'cause that's how I roll.) So far 123 GTers have shared with me their shallowest feelings about cake vs pie and other important things, but the more of you answer the survey, the more I'll be able to pretend that this is in any way scientific.

Anyway, you can fill the survey out at the other post, or just click this link to take it at PollDaddy. It's 10 questions, multiple choice, and don't feel obligated to comment (though I love the detailed responses I've gotten so far). It collects your IP address, but I don't even really know what an IP address is, much less how I could use it, and is otherwise totally anonymous.

Thanks in advance for participating. I'll post the results this evening or tomorrow, depending on how much I drink today. Happy Sunday!