So.. we're just ONE DAY away from hanging out, you guys!! Saturday is the Texas Book Festival at the Capitol! We have local Groupthinkers attending and GTers from several hours away! To give everyone time to get downtown, I thought we should try to meet up a little after lunchtime- what do y'all think about 2:00? Does everyone from out-of-town feel like they'll comfortably be here, with time to park someplace. [just an FYI in case you are unaware, parking downtown is a nightmare. I'm planning on riding the metro rail down there.}

Another issue is: the Capitol grounds are huge and we don't exactly know what each other looks like to just find one another. What would everyone think about meeting at the Dog & Duck Pub which is located at 406 W 17th St? This is 6 blocks North and 2 blocks West of the Capitol and we could grab some appetizers and pitchers and hang out for a little while before heading over (low-on-funds Groupthinkers, we want you, too- so please come- we'll work it out- even if you've only got $.75 to contribute...COME). They do have a parking lot, though I'm unsure of the crowdedness that will take place on Saturday. PLEASE NOTE: Do not park at any business or establishment, including this one & then plan on spending the day at the Capitol. They will tow you. Not they might. They WILL tow.

I know some of y'all will be at the Capitol grounds before-hand, soaking up the greatness that is a Book Festival- would this be an okay break?

AND, FINALLY: I need a rough idea of how many of us are going to be there, if we are eating anywhere! That way I can try to get there early and stake out plenty of seating. This includes SOs, also. If you don't want to send me these details via GT, which as we've all discussed before, is incredibly public whether we want it to be or not, please email me at I can also exchange phone numbers with you so we can text or call to find one another on Saturday.

If you are a lurker {I know one of you is coming already(!!)} we'd love to have you and get in touch by email, but also know I might not give you my phone number...b/c ya know- the whole GT public thing. I will check to the on Saturday throughout obsessively, so you can get me there!

I'm soooo excited!

{I'm really sorry this is just posting now. I've been out of town and have not been able to apply any of the Kinja fixes, until now.}