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Groupthink has been a happy place today. Let's keep it going. While Disney deserves nearly every pixel of criticism we levy, it has also given us so much to take simple joy in. Who is your most beloved Disney character? Tell us why! I'll start!






I just want to give him the biggest, most cog-rattling hug ever. Why?

  • He's adorably pompous!

  • He has very firm standards of What Is Proper.

  • He gets fussy when things aren't just so. Why no, I don't identify, ever.

  • Underneath the clucks of disapproval, he's a complete romantic.

  • He runs an enchanted castle. Efficiently.

  • He waddles. He also distinctly bustles.

He's an organized, articulate, waddling mantle clock. I want a Cogsworth in my life.


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