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Groupthink, We Have a Problem

Lovies, we need to talk. We need to talk about talking, about how we talk to one another here, in our little space. Which, I think, we all want to remain a wonderfully civil, generally friendly place where we can all feel free to speak frankly and hash out tough issues with respect and positive engagement.

In some cases, things have taken a bit of a departure from that lately. For reasons good and other. Please don't take this as any kind of blanket indictment; as always, most GTers are good citizens, even when talking about hard stuff. But there's a certain dynamic, often fed off-site, that some of us find troubling.

If you've never been on the bad end of a GT pile-on, with people you've always considered friendly now calling for your head on a pike, and the friends you thought you had suddenly mysteriously silent, well, it's an experience. I would hope anyone of good will would think about how that might feel, and temper their responses accordingly.


On a moderation front, one thing needs to be reiterated: If you feel the moment of a hot-button issue is the perfect time to create a burner account and yell at someone about how they're stupid and ugly and fat and should die in a fire, don't waste either your or our time. We'll ban you as fast as you can post stuff like that. So, to be clear: one-off burners who appear to pour gasoline on hot-button topics will be looked upon with an extremely jaundiced eye.

Everyone on the mod team feels a fierce pride in this place. We love this place. And we just want it to be the goddamn best place on the internet for people to hang out and talk about cats and burritos and feminism and shit that's going down in the world. But. Benefit of the doubt, please.

Thanks, lovies.

Your mods: the Dark Queen, Sorcia MacNasty, dumb ol' me, Celia, Joanbeam, Comtesse, the unquiet ghost of Slay Belle.

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