Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I just got back from a little mini-meetup with the delightful MitsubiShe. We had some wine/beer and some snacks at a local joint, talked for a couple hours, I kept her up way past her bedtime on a work night, then I drove her home and got to meet her two legendary furbuddies, the bold Nyx and the shy Nemesis, who both seemed to enjoy my company, especially when stoned on the 'Nip. And yes, I can tell them apart pretty easily. And someday she'll meet the Prince and Perdita and Slinker.

She's going through some tough stuff (see her post below), I'm going through some tough stuff (see the most recent installment of my Butt-Dates™ series), and of course we'd never have met if it weren't for this place and the constant opportunities for friendship that it allows us. For me, just to get out of the self-reinforcing family bubble of weirdness, it's so valuable. For her, I dunno entirely, but a sympathetic ear and someone to listen and care, probably something like that.

So yeah, sometimes we're anonymous strangers yelling past each other, sometimes we're friendly voices in the middle of the night offering solace, but there's always a real flesh-and-blood person there on the other end of that keyboard. I've met a lot of y'all, but not nearly enough. I'd like to have a few glasses of wine with each and every one of you and meet your cats or dogs or rats or lizards, whomever you call friends. And I'll try and remember that when we're yelling past one another.


I had to limit the vino because driving, but I'm home now and feeling ruminative, so I'm pouring myself a glass. And I don't have to work tomorrow. And I have li hing gummi bears and still smell vaguely of the Pacific, the Eye of the World. Which may be why Nyx and Nemesis liked me, but I flatter myself that I'm the cat whisperer.

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