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Groupthinkers. We need to discuss one of today's main page authors.

Groupthinkers. We need to discuss one of today's main page author.


an unemployed graduate of Washington University Law School in Saint Louis. She does a significant amount of yelling on Twitter.


Who also happened to do a significant amount of yelling at commenters raising legitimate points. Yikes, you guys. That shit was just not cool. (EDIT: It's the GMO article I am talking about, to help clear up the confusion. I am only speaking of this article, as I have not read the other one yet.)

The incredibly rude headline was pretty cringe-worthy, too.

I am avoiding commenting on that article altogether. I feel like we got trolled by Jezebel.


I have no dog in the fight on that subject, but frankly, I was pretty disturbed by how all that went down. Jez let me down today, you guise. Now I have a sad.


Let me just add I'm not discounting your opinion if you're unemployed or a dropout or whatever. There's a difference between an informed person sharing their knowledge and discussing it with people, and a self-proclaimed expert/advocate just shouting down people who have concerns.

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