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Groupthinking About Drinking

What's in your dream liquor cabinet? Money and space are unlimited.

One thing about apartment living where I move every few months is I start dreaming about that magical home where I will live for the foreseeable future. One aspect is what alcohol to buy, because right now I don't want to buy a bottle of something and have to get rid of it if I haven't used it all up by the time I'm moving again.


My bar shelf will be mostly rum. Coconut and pineapple rum (Cruzan, preferably) because they are delicious. I drink that stuff straight. Light rum for mojitos. Dark rum for rum and cokes and Dark and Stormys. Possibly some rum cream (like RumChata) for dessert drinks.

Firefly or Sweet Carolina sweet tea vodka which is also delicious, though I don't usually like vodka. I add it to my fresh brewed iced tea, lemonade (Hard Arnold Palmer!), or just drink it on the rocks.

Peppermint schnapps to go into my hot cocoa. Baileys (regular, Mint, and Caramel).

Gin because gin and tonics are my parent's drink of choice. SoCo because my family usually makes a mean punch with it for the holidays.


For the mister, I'll have to have tequila (lots and lots of) and whiskey. I'm no connoisseur of these, but I'm sure he'll pick the top labels available. The tequila will of course be accompanied by triple sec for margaritas. We're not big wine drinkers but we'll probably have some bottles of mead laid by, until Mexador gets around to making his own.

So tell me, what'll you be drinking?

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