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GroupthInklings: FOTR Bk 1 post coming soon.* Open Thread Here!

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Attention GroupthInklings (or should I say Groupdrinklings? No? Okay, GroupthInklings) I have things to say, and also stuff, about the first book of The Lord of the Rings proper, that is to say the first half of the first volume, commonly known as The Fellowship of the Rings. In the meantime, post your opinions. What's the deal with "Fatty" Bolger? Were the hobbits really so stupid as to go through the Old Forest? Tom Bombadil: love him or hate him (i.e. are you currently stoned or not)? What would you do if you were attacked by a disembodied arm in a Barrow? Or just, what the fuck are you talking about, none of that was in the movie I saw.


So if you've read the books a bunch of times, tried to read them once in college to impress a girl/guy but got bored during the fifteenth song in the first 23 pages, are currently using one to prop up a table leg, or just wish Peter Jackson should never have cut the "group bathing" and "running around naked on the grass" scenes, join in the discussion (or "Conspiracy," if you prefer... you don't? Okay, discussion) below.

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