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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GroupThink's Flute Sensation: Unsolicited Update #2, I Made a Sensation

I made a sensation.

It might not have been a good one.

The weird thing about music making is how something can go really, really well ninety times in a practice room and then bomb epically on stage. And it's never like ... the thing you were nervous about. Most of those went fine. (Ok, ok, I forgot how to count in the slow one. Again.) But the hard things with lots of fast fingers?

I did you guys proud.

They opted not to hire me. They hired a vegan. Flutists are alway super thin and vegan and have perfect straight hair and eat dessert without ever seeming to look more than waifish. This is something I clearly need to work on, as it's even more important than counting.

I'm a little bummed, but I'm going to have lunch with my Skype drinking BFF and then actual drinks with my no-qualifiers BFF (no kiddo :-( ) and then take an epic nap and then ... drive back.

Next audition Thursday. I hope you guys like reading this crap because I CAN'T STOP. I WON'T STOP.* DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S ME WHO OWNS THE NIGHT?

*I might also be going a little crazy. Wheeeeee.


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