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Happy Monday ladies and gents!!

So how did last week go? Did you soar above all expectations, like the eagle of successful dreams come to life? Or did you crash and burn like a Carnival cruise ship?


Either way, let me know! It's really helpful to see other people getting to grips with what they're hoping to achieve, and how they are progressing.

On my side, the no smoking is getting a little better. I've definitely cut down, but there's no real quitting going on.


Everything else is going a bit better though!! Last week I went to the gym three times, woohoo! I haven't bitten my nails at all, and was using almond oil on my cuticles frequently. Although I've noticed that now on the days that I don't use it my nails are even drier than usual, say whaaaaaaat? They'll take longer than I thought to get beautiful though.


This week I am hoping for even greater things! I've just got back from the gym (40 minutes mixed training on the treadmill..OoOooo - including sprints - OoOoOo!), I've done two loads of laundry, which will be going to the dryers in a second, and will probably do a third whilst they're in the laundrette. Then it's the standard flat cleaning and cooking dinner for when Mr KayKay gets home (tonight: vegetable curry).

I went shopping earlier and bought some healthy arse stuff, and have worked out a three day meal plan (to eat even healthier and save money by planing ahead). I'm looking forward to making the corn and courgette muffins, with greek yoghurt instead of butter!


I've also worked out that I need a PLAN in order to make progress in my french, so have decided I will learn three new words and one new verb a day (I know it's conservative, but it's to make sure I learn them properly), and will get my boyfriend to test me at the end of each week.

So share it people! How's it going??

A few of you have mentioned wanting to eat more healthily - have you tried out any new recipes? And for those of you looking to learn a language - checked out any youtube videos to get you started?


Kay Kay wants to know!! :D

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