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Growing increasingly frustrated with apple. Phone suggestions?

Hey guys, as the headline suggests, I'm growing increasingly frustrated with Apple. Today, I bought a bunch of new music on Amazon (I had some credits), but I can't transfer it to my phone because my library is still registered to my old computer. The only option I have to get the two new albums I purchased onto my iPhone is to completely delete my phone library and then upload my music from my new computer. Unfortunately, I still haven't transferred most of my music library to this computer yet and I'm about 1,500 miles from my old one. Once I get back home I'll be able to transfer everything over, but it's this kind of tedious bullshit that's really turning me off of Apple. My phone contract is up for renewal, I was thinking about getting a 5s, but now I'm seriously starting to consider other options. I really like the quality of the screen and camera on my phone and I don't want something that's going to be too bulky (like the size of my 4s and I'd go as big as the 5. Some of the android phones are kind of bricks and I'm not interesting in having something really big).

ETA: I'm going to be traveling internationally a lot in the coming year it'd be nice if it was still useful even when not connected to cell signal (decent music player, camera, wifi connectivity, etc...I'm guessing that all phones have this, but maybe some are better than others?)


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