Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m in my late 20s but there are still weird moments where I’m like, “Wow, this feels like real adulthood.” Like being surprised when I got approved with a nice credit line for a hard to get credit card but then realizing “oh yeah, I’ve been making payments in time for several years with my starter card, loans, and financed a mattress before.”

The latest incident of “Wow, this is adulthood” is that our apartment is starting to feel like a grown up place. I’ve been living with PiranhaGuy since 2015. Our first apartment was definitely a budget apartment full of hand me down furniture (so much brown/wood), the couple of pieces of art we had were up with just command strips, and I guess we just didn’t have the income to replace things in our own style. We lived that way for 3 years.


Last year I got a new job and we moved into a larger and more modern apartment. A lot of the hand me down furniture got left behind/thrown out for not being stable enough to survive another move. We bought a new couch, a new media center, new bookcases, and the apartment is just nicer in general. The furniture is starting to actually go together, we bothered with things like installing coat hooks. Today we hung up curtains. We never had curtains at our old place, just the blinds. Just small things that make everything feel more put together and grown up.

What small things like curtains and matching plates made your home feel more adult?

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