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Grrrrr...eBay buyer rant

I recently sold some study materials for a particular standardized test on eBay. I listed it as an auction, and the highest bidder is someone who just opened an eBay account 3 days before the auction ended. This item sold at 2 pm on the 17th. It is now 3:15 pm on the 19th, and I still haven't gotten payment. eBay says that you can open a Unpaid Item Case 48 hours after the auction ends, so technically I can do that. But I've decided to first contact the buyer (which I just did) and see where it goes from there because 48 hours still seems kinda maybe soon?

BUT THIS IS A FUCKING WASTE OF TIME AND I'M ANNOYED! I know, I'm being impatient, but when I purchase things on eBay, I feel obliged to pay immediately. I know that there are circumstances in which people can't pay right away, but at least let me know! I'll be accommodating! Also, if my items sold for like, <$50, okay. But my items sold for $150, so this makes me anxious. I don't think this person understands how eBay works since they're apparently newly registered. GAAAARRRR!


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