I think the computer, The Beast, just died. I tried to restart it twice and its been "Starting Windows" for 10 minutes. Dammit, I wasnt finished drinking coffee and internetting. Oh, now it says a disc needs to be checked and is verifying files. Stupid Windows!

And my husband has had the entertainment system taken apart for 10 days to replace the surround sound manager and speaker wires. He decided that if he was going to replace that stuff, he might as well replace the tv cabinet as well. All the componants and various game systems are laid out across the coffee table. This is fine. The Tivo box and blue ray player were hooked up to the tv. But sometime friday, he moved and rewired half the speakers. They are not hooked up. He put in the new surround sound box with no speakers in between the tv and blue ray, so now I can only watch a disc without sound. Of course I only discovered thos because I wanted to watch something on the blue ray player. Arrrggghhh... so frustrating. At least I can watch netflix.

And I forgot my purse at my parent's house last night so I have to wait until they are up and wearing pants before I can go shopping.

I guess I'll go make more Christmas presents.