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So this is me just venting about holiday related family stuff. I guess everyone has at least one? Feel free to share!

This year my BIL and SIL didn’t make it to the Christmas Eve party held by my husbands side of the family. Bummer, because I enjoy their company, but no big deal as they live nearby. BIL asked my husband what he could get our kiddo for Christmas. Husband said kiddo could use cool shirts (thinking BIL would love to choose that) named some other standard toddler interests - planes, helicopters, space, rockets, trucks, dinosaurs...easy enough. Just no guns. Not allowed, no thank you, no guns no guns no guns. SIL asked me for ideas I let her know he was into fire trucks and firefighters in addition to what my husband had told BIL.

Today they come over, kiddo opens an awesome present- a fire chief coat and hat. He loves it. BIL starts apologizing and saying he “couldn’t help it” as kiddo opened the second gift. SIL looked irritated, said she hadn’t been there for this purchase. Aaaaaand you guessed it! A gun. A set with machine gun, grenade, canteen and back pack. He was getting “not cool” “you’re fired” and “the only thing not allowed” in response to him trying to justify the gun. Then he tried telling me it was because the backpack was so cool. It is... But I told him in that case give kiddo just the pack and play with the gun yourself. He’s really just not getting it- going off about how he can’t wait to play guns with my son. Nah dude, that’s not happening here.


It’s just extra irritating because he knew kiddo isn’t to have guns, knew enough to apologize. But that’s not like oooops wrong size, that’s just hey- I’m going to disrespect your parenting decisions and do what I want. I appreciate that he wants to play with and make his nephew happy, but what the hell??

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