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A 17 year old in a London, Ontario high school was told they couldn't wear a jumpsuit because it was 'too revealing'. Maxwell also, coincidentally*, is bisexual and androgynous - Maxwell says that they have really been working up the courage to start wearing the clothes they wants to wear, and this time it was completely shot down.

[Edit: letstalkaboutit also wrote about this, ha! Read theirs too. :) I'm leaving this up just because I went to this school and can vouch for this NOT being the norm for hetero boys wearing tight clothing or girls.]


I went to this high school. This is fucking ridiculous. I can't believe the clothing I wore - and got away with - at this school when *I* was experimenting with my sexual and self expression. Boys that I knew (and some that I dated!) frequently wore spandex or tights at school, but not because of sexual or gender expression - because of sports teams, or a drama production, or as a joke, or as a team spirit outfit. That was always okay. The only time I heard of ANYONE having to change their clothing was when a kid wore a shirt covered in swear words and another time when a girl wore a completely see-through dress.

I feel so badly for this kid. They're so brave - it sounds like they were the one who contacted the news to get their story out there and try to get more tolerance for other kids who are experimenting with their clothing, and also so those kids know that they aren't alone. Maxwell is in grade 12, so they're probably graduating in a month and will be able to wear whatever the fuck they want to wear.


Brave, brave kid. Shitty, dumbass, bigot school.

Even in Canada, you guise!

*Not coincidentally.

ETA: Oh, and in case this needs to be said, the jumpsuit is not revealing. To me it doesn't look any tighter around the crotch than skinny jeans might be, and it definitely isn't as tight as spandex or tights would be.

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