Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

3 crappy thing have happened today. I wish to growl about them.

1) Yesterday, we cleaned the entire downstairs to shining perfection once again. I had gotten a “notice of entry” from the manager that they were coming in to check the fire alarms. Since I don’t trust these people worth a damn anymore, I cleaned everywhere they could reasonably look (there would be 0 reason for them to go upstairs.)

After all that, including getting up at 6am and staying up to make sure the kids didn’t destroy the place in the hour before school, guess who never showed up? Apparently, they only went into 1 apartment and pulled the alarm for testing. Which, incidentally, scared me so bad when it went off (blaring horn + flashing white light) that I jumped 3 feet straight up and nearly fell off the couch.


2) Went for a lovely long walk in the warm, bright, sunshine. I even remembered sunscreen! We got to the pharmacy, got our stuff, stopped at the dollar store, and then the grocery store. By the time we left the last store, there were lovely, towering, black clouds, no sun, and a chill breeze. We made it to 3 blocks from home (it’s about 3/4 mile walk) before it started to sprinkle, and were 1 block away when the heavens opened. 1 lousy block! I hate wet clothing. Haaaaate it. Feels so nasty.

Oh, and then when I got home, I discovered that the window in the little boys’ room had been left fully open. Guess which way the wind was blowing? *sigh* That was loads of fun.

3) While on said lovely long walk, minding my own business, holding hands with O-H, I felt a tickle on my upper arm near my armpit (wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, of course). I glance down, and there’s a goddamned spider on my arm. A biggish (quarter sized, maybe?) brown spider. I screamed, jumped, frantically shaking and brushing at my arm, scared the hell out of poor O-H, looked like a damn fool to anyone driving by... I have no idea where it came from or how it got on my arm. It must have literally dropped out of the sky, since we weren’t even by any trees or anything. I hate and fear spiders, and that was pretty much the worst thing ever.

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