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I mentioned something of my fascination with glass. Glass is one of the most beautiful substances. I have mentioned that I am a bead maker so I thought I would show some of my work - keep in mind that what you see here is what I have left after I let people take what they want. I don't have a use for the beads after I make them. For scale the large black bead is my thumb ring and the smaller red bead is a pinky ring.

Well, that did not turn out so well but you can see most of the beads are slightly off-center. Next, is the picture of my work space:


Those are the mandrels on the board top center, further to the right are some threads I pulled, then a jar of the translucent/transparent glass rods with the jar of opaque rods, then the short rods that have almost used up. The glasses on the lower left have dydidium lenses - the glass I work with is the softer, soda glass which has a high sodium content which flares a bright yellow which the glasses are designed to block - hmmm, I might try to capture some hot glass work. I just found some of the fused pieces that have not been packed yet:

That is the stuff I want the kiln for - fusing pieces of glass together. Anyway, it keeps me off the streets, mostly.

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